Sunday, 27 November 2016

Literacy week 31.10.16 - 4.11.2016

Literacy week was a huge success.  Everyone had lots of fun looking for Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets, writing about Space as the theme was 'Lost in Space' and dressing up as a favourite character.

Below are a few photos from the final day of the Literacy Week. Can you guess who are our favourite book characters?

And here's the teachers dressed up as their favourite book characters

Reading time in Room 15

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Welcome back to school

Kia ora all! My name is Miss Kaczmarczyk and I have the pleasure to teach Room 15 children in the absence of Ms Spicer who has been unwell. I was employed to co-teach with Miss Frampton in Room 14 and will do so when Ms Spicer is back in the second half of November. 

I am originally from Poland and moved to New Zealand about two years ago. Prior to that I lived in London for about ten years where I taught Reception and Year 1 children in a South-East London school. I am a mum to three wonderful children: Nela (20 months old), Micky (3 years old) and Marcel (8 years old). 

If you have any queries or would like to have a chat I am always available in the mornings and afternoons. You can also contact me by email:

New term - new learning opportunities. During Breakouts all Year 0/1 children are split into six groups which are going to rotate throughout the whole term so each child will participate in PE, Art, Te Reo Maori, Sun Safety and Science sessions.  

PE with Miss Nicholls

The children are learning to throw accurately, jump further and travel faster in PE.

Art with Miss McPherson

The children are working on colour mixing, talking about primary and secondary colours. They will be making an artwork using pastels that includes the Earth, Sun and sky which links to our Science topic: "The Earth and beyond" with the Big Idea being: What changes could we make to protect our Earth?

Earth and beyond with Miss Kaczmarczyk

Reflection - Friday 21 October

 Proudly sharing drawings and writing

Three hardworking readers receiving their rewards: Elizabeth who read for 150 nights, and Vera and Elaine who read for 200 nights! 

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Upcoming Dates
31.10.16 Whole School Assembly
31.10.16 Literacy Week Starts
3.11.16 Dress Up Day - Space Theme or a book character
07.11.16 Kākano Assembly - hosted by Room 21
09.11.16 Year 2 A&P Show Trip
11.11.16 Show Day - School Closed
14.11.16 Whole School Assembly
21.11.16 Kākano Assembly - Host TBC
23.11.16 Kakano Run, Jump, Throw Day
28.11.16 Whole School Assembly
02.12.16 GALA
05.12.16 Student Led Conferences
06.12.16 Student Led Conferences
12.12.16 Prize Giving Assembly
16.12.16 Last Day of School

Sunhats are compulsory in Term 4 for all children.
Please apply sunscreen to your child before arriving at school.
Each classroom has sunscreen for the children to apply during the day.


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Kākano Term 3 Newsletter

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Term 3 Newsletter
Upcoming Dates
01.08.16 Whole School Assembly
08.08.16 Kākano Assembly - hosted by Room 18
15.08.16 Teacher Only Day
18.08.16 Olympic Sports Activities
22.08.16 Kākano Assembly - hosted by Room 2
05.09.16 Kākano Assembly - hosted by Room 19
Learning in Week 1 - Reviewing The Learning Plan
For Week 1 of Term 3  all classes will be working on the same programme to ensure consistency of learning and behaviour routines across the school. This is called The Learning Plan.
Welcome back to School

Room 15
Kia ora all and a big welcome back for Term 3. I have enjoyed hearing about the children’s holiday experiences. We have already had an exciting start with our Monarch butterfly (Mon) hatching at last.  I am looking forward to another fun and exciting term of learning and teaching!
Please remember our classroom blog address is and if you wish to contact me my email address is
Kākano Teaching Team
Room 1 - Karen Collins - Year 3
Room 2 - Andrew Deadmarsh - Year 3
Room 3 - Catherine Corcoran - Year 3, Kākano Team Leader
Room 4 - Mark Sy - Year 2/3
Reception Class - Emma Frampton & Casey McPherson Year 0/1
Room 15 - Leanne Spicer - Year 0/1
Room 17 - Alicia Hebbend - Year 1
Room 18 - Jo-Ann O’Loughlin - Year 1, Kākano Team Leader
Room 19 - Samantha Nichols - Year 1
Room 20 - Alex Horn - Year 1/2
Room 21 - Elshke Chadinha - Year 2
Room 22 - Karen Coom - Year 2
Room 23 - Jenny-Marie Evans - Year 2

Learning in Week 2 and Beyond - Social Sciences
Big Idea: What changes do I need to make to achieve excellence?
CARE Value: Excellence
Deep Understandings: The children will understand
How the past is important to people, how places in New Zealand are significant for individuals and groups.

The children will be learning about a variety of changes they can make to achieve excellence and investigating  why these ideas make a difference to their success as learners.

If you wear gumboots to school, please be sure to bring shoes suitable for running around outside if the weather clears or to wear inside the classroom.
We don’t need to wear hats in Term 2 and 3.
In Term 2 and 3, many children get colds and have runny noses. We would appreciate a box of tissues, if have a spare you would like to donate to your class.

Year 1-3 National Standards Reporting Schedule
After 6-8 weeks at school - Parents of children in the Reception Class will receive a report that contains information from School Entry Assessments
Interim Report
Anniversary Report
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 3
End of Term 1
End of Term 4
Mid -Term 2 (3 June)
End of Term 4
Mid -Term 2 (3 June)
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 1
End of Term 3
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 4
End of Term 2
End of Term 4

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Term 3 Big Idea Focus - Whole School


Asking 5 year olds this question is very interesting.  The underlying desire they all share is to have fun whilst learning!
If you would like to read a fantastic article from CORE Education on New-entrant classrooms in the re-making (by Keryn Davis)  here is the website

Friday, 19 August 2016

Term 3 - Garden to the Table with our big buddies

Every second Friday we have been spending time with our big buddies gardening and cooking using produce from our garden at school.

Term 3 - Week 3 PEACE WEEK

Here are our thoughts on "what does peace mean to you?"